Dr Ghassan Al Katheri currently has more than 15 years of extensive experience in media and broadcasting. He has been working as a senior presenter & producer of Arabic content shows consistently through the years. Durably hosting a wide and vast variety of TV shows, programs, and radio channels across the Middle Eastern region bringing great success accomplishment throughout.

Dr. Ghassan Al Katheri also holds a PhD in Advertising, Master Degree in Marketing & B.Sc in Medical. Furthermore, he was providentially chosen to be among the "Hot 40 Male" in 2011, and also listed among "Hot 100 Male" in 2012.


Furthermore, he collaborates with many TV & Radio Channels such as:

Abu Dhabi TV
Sama Dubai TV
Noor Dubai FM Radio
Hayat FM Radio

Hosted many TV Shows such as:

EishTsawi (What You Will Do) Season 1, 2 & 3 on OSN TV 2014
Talk with VIP on Tawazon TV 2013
Eish Tsawi (What You Will Do) Season 1 on Abu Dhabi TV 2013
Dr. Foz & Friends Program on OSN TV 2010
Jeopardy on MBC 2009
Tech Talk TV Show for ZAIN Telecom 2010
Ramadan Tips on Sama Dubai TV 2008

Hosted many Radio Shows such as:

Daily evening show Majalisna on Hayat FM 2014
Daily Breakfast Show Energy on Hayat FM 2014
Masakoum Khair (Night Talk Show) on Noor Dubai FM 2008
Sayarti (Car Show) on Noor Dubai FM 2009
Seha (Medical Show) on Noor Dubai FM 2009

Furthermore, Dr. GK has been the spokes model for Chevrolet Middle East, Abu Dhabi Sport Channel & ZAIN Telecom. He is most notable for many luxurious brands campaigns.

He has also been interviewed by many TV Channels (MBC, Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, & Sharjah TV) as well as featured in publications such as Al Bayan, Al Etihad newspaper, Kul Al Usra Magazine & most recently The National newspaper in UAE.

The Cinematic Actor DR. GK has many roles in Films & Series such as:

Lead actor in the first Hindi-Emarati Film Malal shoot in India, 2010 in Arabic/English
Speaking role in Djinn 2012 with Hollywood Director Tobe Hooper in English
Judge in We care FilmFest 2013 in Dubai
Feature extra in Hollywood movie Syriana, 2005
Feature extra in First French Movie shoot in Dubai, Flamengo 2010
Feature extra in Movie MI4 with Tom Cruise in Dubai, 2010
Speaking role in Long Way Down Film 2010
Speaking role in Zero 4 series Season 1 in English 2010
Speaking role in Gulf Accent-Manetefq Series 2011
Speaking role in Series Abu Al Malayeen 2013
Classical Arabic Series 2014


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Dr. Ghassan Al Katheri
Senior Presenter, Cinematic Actor, Narrator, MC & VO Artist

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